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Black Hare Hole
The Tortoise and the Black Hare
black hare with watch illustration

The Black Hare

Serving as the antithesis of the White Rabbit, the Black Hare is the embodiment of procrastination-induced stress. He sits at the back of our minds, reminding us of the time and the knowledge that time is running out to finish important tasks.

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Witch Cat on broom with moon and bats

Sandra the Cat Witch

Sandra is just a young witch, flying among the bats and practicing her magic spells under the pale moonlight.

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Cute Robot illustration

The Love Bot

This adorable robot has lots of love stored in his heartbox, waiting to be received by a good friend or whomever needs it.

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Kyril the Mutant

A poor boy from the slums of Atlantis who was born with the ability to breathe and swim underwater. Atlantian puritans ostracize him for his unnatural appearance, and he is constantly on the run from members of the guard who wish to have him captured and studied.

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