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Themed Series

The Species of Art School

The art college campus is a habitat that hosts a variety of species. Research is still being carried out, but composite sketches have been made capturing the overall style and attitude of each member.

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An Advertisement for the fictional Power Down Spa & Resort along with the five main characters.  Hover over character images for their backstory.

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Power Down Spa & Resort.JPG

Life Species

A rudimentary scientific study on the species present in day to day life. Their behavior has been observed and compiled into the files below. More species are believed to exist. Please refer to the following documents for more information.

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Music Series

I’m revisiting an old exercise I made for myself, where I listen to a specific song and then just draw what comes to mind. I’ve done this with paint before, but it’s much smoother digitally. All of these were created within the timespan of one listen to each song, the goal is not to think too much and just blot down colors and shapes as you let the music guide you. 

​Adobe Illustrator

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