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New Works

New Punny Snake Sticker Designs!

Dog Series  


These are the first few images from my Dog Series illustrations.  I've been creating cat images for a long time and recently I was challenged to include some pups in my portfolio.  So, here are my interpretations of some popular dog breeds.  I hope you like them - more images to come!

52-Hertz Whale.jpg

The 52-Hertz Whale  


The 52 Hz Whale is a whale that was picked up on underwater microphones out in the Pacific Ocean. Believed to be a blue whale with a vocal deformity,  it makes calls at 52 hz, a much higher frequency than what blue whales typically communicate with. It has been dubbed “the loneliest whale,” as its calls cannot be heard by others of its kind.


Sea Gull Bandit


This is how the seagulls look at the local beach goers while raiding a cooler left unattended by a clueless spring break tourist.

Grounded In Order

Grounded in Order  (​Adobe Illustrator)