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Other Mediums


The Nature Spirit

Acrylic and pheasant wings on canvas.  The wings were bought secondhand from a thrift store.

Park Jimin In Profile

Park Jimin in Profile

Oil on canvas



Inspired by our family cat who is solid black with one long white whisker - her defining feature - here represented by the gold.  

Acrylic on canvas

man with drink birds moon painting

A Moment of Peace

Inspired by some of my favorite atmospheric music, I have attempted to evoke the feeling these songs give me in a visual format. A calm sunset, an evening drink after a long day, a sense of melancholy, and an outward spiral of movement to represent the uninterrupted flow of good music.

Acrylic on canvas

Drowning In Thirst addiction painting

Drowning In Thirst

Suffering from an addiction can lead to feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and suffocation. Some fight the pressure and swim to the surface for help, while others lie on the sandy floor and wait for it to be over.

Adobe Photoshop

James Bengal, Private Detective painting

James Bengal, Private Detective

“I knew from the moment she walked through my door that she was bad news. Her lips were as red as a Duesenburg Model J, her coat a hundred dead sables. She didn’t need the extra fur, her pelt was as soft and pale as a fresh Siberian snowfall. And her tail…I had never seen a dame with a tail that big, it moved from side to side with the grace of a giant feather. She was in my office for but twenty minutes, insisting she knew nothing of Walter Bobcat’s murder. Deception dripped from her painted lips like the smoke from her cigarette, which hung between her ivory claws.”

Charcoal, acrylics, and gouache on illustration board

cat sweeping bathroom counter painting

Counter Cleaning

Cats are masters at cleaning tables and other surfaces, they make use of the storage space humans call "the floor."

Acrylic on canvas

bulldog with flowers painting

Potato Pup

Inspired by an inside joke among friends involving bulldogs resembling potatoes with legs.

Acrylic on canvas

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