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Bluebat Book Cover

The Fruitbat Friends In... Cheer Up, Bluebat!

My first book in the Fruitbat Friends series is a sweet tale of compassion and understanding when dealing with the unique needs of others. When Bluebat is feeling down, it is up to his friends to help cheer him up. They bring him gifts of food, music, jokes and smiles, but nothing seems to work. When the sadness starts to spread to his friends, they ask the wise elder Dragonbat for guidance. Through this encounter, they learn that everyone has their own unique needs when they are unhappy, and the friends must discover the secret to helping Bluebat smile again.

Adobe Illustrator

Bluebat page 5
Bluebat page 42

The Wonderful World of Honeybees

My first published book is all about Honeybees!  The honeybee hive houses a big, happy family where every bee is important, needed, and cared for. Come meet each member of the hive family, and learn their roles and how they help each other stay healthy and happy.  Please see my shop for more info. 

Adobe Illustrator

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